Meet Me | Ann Kirkwood

My experience makes me a better realtor because

  •  I have lived in Birmingham since 1968 and have been a realtor in Birmingham since 1989.
  •  I am married to a builder and have had extensive new construction experience throughout my real estate career.
  •  I give 110% to my customers and clients complete customer satisfaction is my goal.
  •  I listen to buyers wants and needs to try to help them find their home.
  •  I offer sellers a custom marketing plan & market analysis for their home with no obligation to them.

My education makes me a better realtor because

  •  It is essential to me to be knowledgeable, current and informed about my profession through continuing education and achievement.
  •  In working with clients, it is my desire to help them make informed and educated decisions about their real estate transaction.

My service makes me a better realtor because

  •  I will always be honored to have your business when it is awarded me based on my integrity and character.
  •  I will endeavor to earn your trust from our first meeting, through all aspects of this transaction with an expectation of trust that extends beyond the closing.
  •  I recognize that teamwork and partnership with associates and employees plays an integral role in real estate transactions. I endeavor to maintain a good working relationship with all parties involved to ensure professionalism throughout all negotiations.
  •  I am satisfied with nothing less than excellence in client and customer service.